Launched and released on November 17, 2003, Microsoft® Office 2003 is a collection of applications, which has been developed and distributed by Microsoft®  for their Windows® operating system. It was the successor to Office XP and the predecessor to Microsoft® Office 2007 and was introduced with two new applications- Microsoft InfoPath and Microsoft® OneNote®.

There were no major changes made in the basic applications, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® PowerPoint® and Microsoft® Access but areas like better email and calendar sharing and information display, search folders, colored flags, Kerberos authentication, RPC over HTTP, and Cached Exchange mode saw a major facelift. Another key benefit of Microsoft® Outlook 2003 is the improved junk mail filter. Tablet and pen support was introduced in the productivity applications. Microsoft® Word 2003 introduced a reading layout view, document comparison, better change-tracking and annotation/reviewing, a Research Task Pane, voice comments and an XML-based format among other features.

While accessing help for Microsoft Office 2003 you can get a collection of tips and tools, which will help you in purchasing, installing, and using the Microsoft® Office 2003 suite. All the major applications of a Microsoft® Office suite are a part of this help package.

Here is one by one detailing the help of Microsoft® Office 2003 for all its applications.

Microsoft® Access® 2003

Tips for configuration of Microsoft® Access® 2003

  1. Change Default Database Folder
  • Change the default folder that Microsoft Access 2003 uses to open and store databases.
  1. Stop Selecting Entire Fields When Using the Keyboard
  • Prevent Microsoft® Access® 2003 from selecting entire fields when navigating via the arrow keys.
  1. Change Datasheet Colors
  • Alter the datasheet colors in Microsoft Access 2003 to fit your preferences.
  1. Expand or Clear Recently Used Files List
  • Expand the list of recently used files displayed in the File menu of Microsoft Access 2003, or remove this list from the menu.
  1. Remove the Startup Task Pane
  • Prevent Microsoft Access 2003 from showing a task pane on startup.
  1. Remove Personal Information When Distributing Databases
  • Remove some of your personal information from Microsoft® Access® 2003 databases that you plan on distributing.

Microsoft® Outlook® 2003

You can also learn about all the steps you should know about:

  1. Microsoft® Outlook®2003 – Sending Email
  • Help for sending e-mail with Microsoft® Outlook® 2003. File sent e-mail, expire e-mail, find related messages, send e-mail at a later date, and more.
  1. Microsoft® Outlook® 2003 Calendar and Meeting
  • Calendar and Meeting / Appointment reminder tool. Tweaks, locale customizations, adding holidays, and more.
  1. Microsoft® Outlook® 2003 Misc
  • Miscellaneous Outlook 2003 tips. Changing the Desktop Alert, manipulating Favorites, removing warnings, and more.
  1. Microsoft® Outlook® 2003 Notes
  • Tips on the Notes tool in Microsoft® Outlook® 2003. Change Note colors, font, size, and more.
  1. Outlook 2003 Security and Privacy
  • Enhance your security and privacy when using Microsoft® Outlook® Ignore read receipt requests, disable HTML e-mail, and more. Similarly, you can find various articles as well as online help, which will provide you excellent help for Microsoft® Outlook® 2003.Remote Computer Repair and chat are best options that have proved as a useful tool in offering effective help for Microsoft® Office 2003.