Don’t you think that it is important to have an application that reminds you of daily tasks, storing and reminding you about meeting, birthdays, anniversaries, and maintaining and organizing the address book contacts. Such type of Personal management application that fulfills all your desired needs can be experienced in the application provided by Microsoft®, the Microsoft Outlook. There are various versions released of this product. Let us focus on the Microsoft® Outlook® 2002.

Sometimes this application is available as an integral part of Microsoft Office suite. It can also be availed as a standalone application. Primarily, this application can be used as an e-mail application. The calendar application involved in this application can be used to manage your calendar events.

What is so different about Microsoft® Outlook® 2002?

An extremely wonderful feature in Microsoft Outlook 2002 protects your data and other information from the virus attacks which are transferred through the e-mail message. With the advancement in the computer technology there are several new kinds of threats which are also updated on the Internet. The viruses and other types of the malwares are regularly updated and are highly intensified to cause the highest damage to the computer system. The damage can vary from system failure and hard disk crash. The e-mails are assumed as the best medium for the transfer of the dangerous malicious codes from one location to another, because it is the most simple and easy mechanism for transferring data.

The users of the earlier versions of the Microsoft Outlook 2002 application can access the security feature to protect their computer system from such attacks, by using Outlook Email security update. This security update feature offers the most efficient productivity to your computer system with Microsoft Outlook 98 and Microsoft® Outlook® 2000. This feature is provided as an integral part with Microsoft® Outlook®2002. The users can customize the settings according to the need of their organizations. The role of Microsoft Outlook 2002 help is to provide almost any kind of solution to its users. The troubleshooting feature for are included in the help manual for Microsoft® Outlook® 2002. The help feature is added any application for resolving most of the users’ queries, and providing online support to its users.

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