Microsoft® Outlook® is the robust program incorporated with Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft Outlook helps in a versatile manner. Users can take multiple advantages like, they can use it as an e-mail client, personal information manager, conjugate it with your Exchange Server for group scheduling, e-mail and task management and so on. In this article you will become familiar with significant Microsoft Outlook features for getting better management of work. We will concentrate on the latest version Microsoft Outlook 2007.

Manage Your Time

Microsoft Outlook helps you manage your time efficiently. You can segregate important mails from others at a single point called ‘Inbox’. You don’t have to open different tabs for getting your mail information. While reading your e-mails, it is suggested to follow some rules to manage your Inbox. According to the priority of the e-mails, you can either delete them, forward them, reply them or keep them for further reviews. It is suggested not to keep your to-do list too bulky. This practice will make your e-mail task simpler and authentic.

Set up Microsoft® Outlook® that works for you

Microsoft Outlook helps you to bring changes in your mailbox according to your convenience. Users can bring changes in the layout by tweaking Navigation Pane, conversation view, Reading Pane, To-Do Bar and Cached Exchange Mode.

Microsoft Outlook also helps to minimize the navigation pane as a result of which you can make more space in your mailbox. You can choose the most wanted button to get access to your favorite folders and files. You can again expand it by just a single click on the arrow icon available on its top. You can customize the display of the message in your inbox.

You can also apply the thread or “conversation” to the message. Under this you can get some significant information about the message, regarding date and destination or source person. Microsoft Outlook helps in getting the preview of the message in your Inbox or other location.

You can also modify the reading pane according to your choice. You can choose your font size while reading the message. In addition, reading pane is safe against any potentially malicious scripts or attachments. Microsoft Outlook helps to segregate your read and unread messages. The unread messages will be reflected in bold. If you want some other changes in the look for unread messages, you can do it through reading pane. Follow these easy steps to do this:

STEP 1: Navigate to the ‘Tools menu’, then click Options, and then click the other tab.

STEP 2: Select ‘Reading Pane.’

STEP 3: Highlight the option that you want.

Hence you don’t have to waste your time.

In Microsoft Outlook, you can use the space bar to go through the message instead of your mouse. When the message finishes, it ultimately leads to the next unread message in the reading pane.

Note: By default,. this option is open, but you can enable or disable it without any difficulty.

Microsoft Outlook helps to prioritize your task. Now, you would be able to keep track of tasks, appointments, and flagged e-mail messages easily with To-Do Bar. Hence, you would be able to keep updated yourself with the commitment.