All you technology fans and Windows 7 geeks would have heard about Microsoft’s announcement that they will be introducing Tablets running on Windows 7. During Microsoft’s worldwide partner conference during mid July 2010, CEO Steve Ballmer said his company would be coming up with Windows 7 tablet prototypes to give Apple’s iPad a run for money. But will the new Windows 7 enabled tablet prototypes be worth a competition for iPad or will be one among the many misses that Microsoft has come out with in the past; only time can tell.

Windows 7 Tablet prototype

To maintain the competition and the constant fight between Microsoft and Apple, which dows look like it when Steve Ballmer announced the release of Windows 7 tablet Prototype. It is well known that when Apply Inc’s iPad was introduced in the market, several manufactures Asus, Dell, HP, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba and other computer manufactures all announced or came out with plans to run introduce hand held notebook or tablet computers; and most in agreement with Microsoft to run Windows 7 enabled machines. HP, who was supposed to release a new tablet in the name Slater, later dropped the plan; however Dell and Asus did showcase their new tablet PC running on Windows platform Computex, held early this year. If apple sold 3 million iPad in two months of release, I do not know if Microsoft can aim that him with introduction of Windows 7 running tablets.

What is promised in Windows 7 tablets?

Windows 7 tablet prototypes, claims to be packed with things that would be create a unique demand in the market; Microsoft is certainly optimistic about this. Although, Windows 7 tablet prototypes when released will only be available on Windows Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise editions.  Windows 7 tablet prototype is marketed in a way so as to gain more attention within the University and School going market, especially with the new Math Input Panel recognition, which recognizes handwritten math expressions; therefore for math’s algebra student or a mathematician for simple a math and note taking functionality. The tool reads the equation you input it can automatically update the information into the Microsoft Word Processor or and using the computational program that you might have downloaded on your tablet, it works out a matching solution and represents that onto the tablet’s memory. Also Windows 7 Multi Touch capability could of interest to people who are not used to Apple.  However, if you are used to iPad and iPhone, then what Windows 7 also provide might not be of interest to you.

Updated hardware

Although Microsoft can shrink the Windows 7 to suit the light weightiness of the tablet it promises to release, but if it can match the graphics and finer elements of Apple iPad, is hard to imagine.

However, having said that, Microsoft is putting its best brains to ensure the market is prepared and enough hype is created to entice more buyers especially ones who are indecisive and users who doesn’t want to transition from Windows to Apple, yet wants a flat tablet to makes their daily chores easy.