Microsoft is aware about the fact that people are using multiple e-mail accounts and it desires to make the process easier. On 3rd February, Hotmail has launched a new type of feature, which allows people to create multiple e-mail accounts, which can be replied to, and managed from one’s everyday inbox for e-mail. These additional types of e-mail addresses may be had in the manner like signing up accounts for new one, however, they need no additional upkeep or log-ins.

The idea behind this is to offer users a safe avenue to extend the offer to third parties for an e-mail address, without discarding the address which they have extended to friends and family that, if compromised, may end the utility of that special account. Nowadays, many of us have e-mail accounts of multiple types for various types of reasons. Dharmesh Mehta, director of product management for Windows Live, said that he does not want to disclose his real address at any website. This decreases spam and the e-mail addresses cannot be passed on to marketers.

Mehta also briefed that the other difficulty is balancing of a single type of e-mail address. The Microsoft Hotmail solution team appeared for making utilization of some of the prevailing technologies such as message filtering, account signing-up, and integration of multiple e-mail addresses to offer users these types of aliases into the same type of account. One user may create aliases limiting up to number of five, and any of them may be replaced and deleted at any time with another. With the passage of time, Microsoft will enhance this limit up to fifteen aliases for each account, enabling it such that the users will not require juggling between several Hotmail accounts.

Creating an alias in the Hotmail is like signing up in respect of new account. Users may choose any sort of name that is open and free. Aliases connect a prevailing e-mail address of multiple type offered in connection with both Google’s Gmail and Hotmail. This allows messages for getting filtered inside the folders.