Who can forget Hotmail, I had my first e-mail account on it more than a decade ago, and it helped me stay in touch with loved ones. Hotmail has evolved through all these years, it no longer looks like  how it used to, its sophisticated, has an excellent feel, looks stunning and has everything that today’s internet is packed with ; chat, networking, sharing photos files and many more.

But it seems that Hotmail will not put its feet to rest, it has now planned to move forward with a few more interesting plans that you might want to know about as well. Well, it’s not an entirely new application but it has something to do with the MS Messenger. Steve Ballmer who is the CEO of Microsoft ran a preview of the Messenger service, however if you are inquisitive as the rest of us then you might have to hold on to it a while longer. These new changes have already been chalked out for the new Hotmail.

However Brian Hall the General Manager at Hotmail gave out a bit of their plans saying that the new changes would take hotmail back to it top position. Its spot that Hotmail ruled not so long ago, it’s for us to wait and see what’s in store at hotmail and if the new changes are good enough to remain at No. 1. There have been a few features that the new Messenger for your Hotmail would carry and these would be the new conversation view, some excellent social networking ties and even the Exchange ActiveSyc that is an absolute much for push connections to your mobile device.

Now we all know that Hotmail would probably want to keep the new features for its application under a thick blanket and would only let it out when they are ready to launch it. But whatever it is, we are sure it would be good enough to capture our attention again. We are only hoping though that it is nothing of a run of the mill application that we’ve probably seen in several of these free web mail services. From what’s been revealed it does not sound like there is anything new to Hotmail’s new features. But judging it even before it’s released could be a sure stupid thing to do. We have seen how ideas have evolved into being new ones every time it was used in free Web Mail services that have been around for over 15 years. Simply put in a simple application like attaching files for every free web mail service is a different experience, this includes speed, type of attachments and the size that can be attached.

One such new feature to be included in the new Hotmail that would catch everyone’s attention is sure to be the one that will help you edit your office documents and also let you view YouTube or Flickr slideshow, all this from your ingenious Hotmail account.

We are hoping that the other feature to draw attention would be staying in your Hotmail inbox but still access your social networking site.