Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application written and distributed by Microsoft and Microsoft window. The basic feature of all spreadsheets, using grid of cells arranged in numbered rows and letter named columns. Columns beyond 26 are represented by two or more letters like AA, AB, AC etc. MS Excel has a programming aspect, Visual Basic for Applications allowing you to employ a wide variety of numerical methods.

Now in this article we will help you to create a simple budget in MS Excel. You just have to follow the simple steps given below.

Step 1:

Go to Start menu and select MS Excel and then open a spreadsheet. After this click on A1 cell and enter categories. Now you just Press the enter key.

Step 2:

Now enter the word description in cell b1. Now u just have to press the enter key. Enter the months January through June in cell C1 through H1, and then drag over the first row.


On the toolbar Click on B (boldface icon) on the toolbar. And then Drag over the cells b2 and b3.

Step 4:

Now you have to enter the name(s) of people earning income in your household. Enter Rent, Food, Water, garbage, Gas, Electricity, and Telephone charges in these cells. (you can Substitute other descriptions depending upon you priority and needs).Do Press the Enter key after each entry.

Step 5:

Now drag over the cells B11 and B15. This will now highlight the B cells for the other categories.

Totaling the budget

Step 1:

You have to drag over the cells that contain your budget and the labels. After this Open the data menu and select subtotals. Then in the subtotal dialog box, you have to ensure categories are selected in the “At each change in” option.

Step 2:

Now select the grand total row. And then open the Edit menu and select Delete you will see a box that appears, select Entire Row, and then click OK.

Step 3:

Next you have to enter the label Monthly Savings in the cell where the title Grand Total was located. After entering Click in the cell in the Monthly Savings row and the January (C) column.

Data Entry

Step 1:

You have to drag over the cells C2 through C15. Then Enter your budget amounts (the amount of money you anticipate of your spending). For example, under Rent, enter 6000.You can Drag over the cells C2 through C15

Step 2:

Now Open the Edit menu and then select Copy. After this is done Drag over the cells D2 through H2. Now Open the Edit menu and then select Paste.

Step 3:

You also have an option to modify your new entries according to your actual monthly expense amounts, if available. For example, Tuition for the months of February through June could be 0.

This is just one example of creating a budget in MS Excel. In this way you can make your budget in few simple steps. So start organizing and make your budget to make your housing free and easily calculative.