A Windows “Dream” is animated wallpaper that has been specifically customized for Windows Vista and Windows 7 wallpaper. Usually the “Dream” features only abstract wallpapers that are based on Windows themes.

Initially there were only a couple of “Dream” wallpapers as customizable software to create them was not available. However after the release of Windows 7 users were able to create their own Dreams and share it through the Internet.

Though is seems like a wallpaper in terms of its terminology,  it has a set of files that need to be downloaded and stored in specific file location.

How to set a Dream on your Desktop for Windows Vista and Windows 7

Step 1: Right click on your Desktop and click on personalize

Step 2: The screensaver and wallpaper menu appears, select the wallpapers tab.

Step 3: Locate the Dream on the list menu. It usually has a .Dream extension

Step 4: Select the Dream and choose apply. Close the menu.

Click here to download some of the latest Dreams of 2010.