Microsoft Excel is a simple database application program which saves data in spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are series of rows and columns which are visible as we open the Excel file. Intersection of every row and column is called a cell and it is the cell which actually contains and keeps the data. Microsoft Excel has a unique feature to handle multi tasking situation by giving its users the capability to lock a portion of the screen which they want. Users can lock any portion of the screen and then when they will scroll the data the locked portion will always stay visible so that it’s easy to see the headers and identify what data we are looking.

In Excel 2007 there are three modes of freezing. These are listed as follows:

1.       Freeze Panes

Select any cell on the spread sheet and then freeze the pane. You will see that entire portion of the screen which is on the left and on the top of that cell gets freeze. So if you have to freeze the first two rows then select the cell A3 and then Freeze the pane.

2.       Freeze Top Row

This option by default freezes the top row of your excel sheet. Please remember that that top row is the currently visible top row of the spreadsheet so if your document is already in scrolled state then you need to scroll it to the top first before freezing the top row.

3.       Freeze First Column

This option by default freezes the first column of the spreadsheet. Just like rows it also freezes the first currently visible column so please scroll to the first column if you want to freeze it.

Steps to freeze the panes

Please decide what are you want to freeze as according to the details given above and then do the following:

Step 1: Click on the View Ribbon.

Step 2: Click on the small down arrow on the Freeze Panes button

Step 3: Click on your choice of freezing options.

Please note that if some kind of locking is already active then you will see that the first option is to Unfreeze Panes. Click on the same before applying other type of freezing.