System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 in short called as SCDPM 2007 is advancement in data protection and recovery tools by Microsoft. It delivers continuous data protection on application and file servers. It uses an integrated disk and tape media for doing the same. The new SCDPM ensure quick and reliable recovery in events of data loss or system crashes in enterprise environments. There are many new features in the new DPM by Microsoft but the most required change is that the data would not be stored on the same old tape drives. The new DMP constantly monitors the network computers for any change in data and updates it in its backups. This ensures easy to manage backups and quick recovery of data if it gets lost. The DPM has combined the best features of storing data on a disk and on a tape and has given its users the best out of the best. It helps the organisations in expending less on the infrastructure of backup devices and techniques. Given below are the easy and simple steps to download and install the SCDPM 2007 on your server.

  1. Logon with any account which is a member of Domain Controllers on the server.
  2. You need to have the disk for SCDPM 2007 with you, and now you need to insert it in the server.
  3. Installer should automatically start but if it does not then start the setup by browsing the CD and executing the Setup.Exe file. This will start the windows installer and on the first screen agree to the installation of SCDPM 2007 and click on Next.
  4. You will get the License agreement on the next screen; please read the license agreement and accept it afterwards to continue with the installation. Now it will show you the list of prerequisites for proper functioning of the SCDPM 2007.
  5. Please go through the list and make sure that your server and other infrastructure is fulfilling the requirements. You will now get the product registration box and you need to fill in the required information correctly for properly registering your product with Microsoft.
  6. Next you will get the installation settings box and it is advised that you do not make any changes here and continue with the default settings. On the security settings page of the installation wizard use a strong password and click on Next.
  7. The installation will create two restricted user accounts now. One would be Microsoft$dpm-0$acct which will run the SQL services both agent and server, and the other one would be Microsoft$dpm01. This account would be used for generating reports.

On continuing further with the installation select Use Microsoft Update when you check for updates(recommended) and click on Next. Now on the next screen which is about the customer experience you can select whatever you want and then click on Next. Now the installation will give you the summary of Installation and all the settings that you have chosen. If you want to make any change then click on Back and do the same else click on Install to start with the installation of SCDPM 2007. Once the installation gets through you need to reboot the computer and now your computer would be safe by SCDPM 2007