Windows defender definitions are a set of files that are similar  to a virus database of anti-virus software. Without up to date Windows defender definition files, Windows defender is less effective against newer threats of spyware and unwanted software components. Automatic or manual, a regularly executed update to the Windows defender definition files is as important as the Windows defender itself for a secured system.

Windows defender

Windows defender is the inbuilt piece of security software in Windows OS. It blocks many types of spyware and unwanted software which could creep into the system specially when connected to public networks such as the internet. It also launches a scan upon detecting a suspicious file within the system, but an automatic scan that initiates periodically can be set up on the Windows defender settings. Updating the definition files are the only maintenance that Windows defender requires in order to work up to its full potential.

Why update?

Keeping the defender definition files up to date is very important in the process of preventing spyware attacks. Newly created spyware and other malware are exposed to networks much too often, that Windows defender needs a method to expand its knowledge base about the latest spyware. Simply if Windows defender does not know about certain spyware, obviously it won’t be able to detect and remove those threats accordingly.

Automatic update

Updates of Windows defender definition files are by default set to be automatically updated along with the periodic windows system update. The frequency, the date and time and other aspects of defender definition file updates can be changed to suit the user’s schedules accordingly. However the Windows defender in Windows 7 has been optimized with not only extra scan features but also to give less impact on the computer’s performance. So a background update of the Windows defender in Windows 7 does not put much strain on the Windows resources.

Manual update

Manual updates are possible with Windows defender, but the problem with manual updates is that it does not take place on a regular basis and the user has to somehow remember to update the files regularly. This creates a huge flaw on the Windows defender mechanism, given the prominence that it has to keeping the definition files up to date, irregularly executed manual updates are just unacceptable.

‘Action center’ is the latest streamlined center for keeping the system sanitized and smooth. Windows defender is now a part of ‘Action center’ and the defender in Windows 7 are filled with latest features that ensures extended scanning options, simpler notification methods and less impact on the system resources and performance. The capabilities and new features are all in vain unless the Windows defender definitions are kept up to date.