One can get hold of Windows XP Setup boot disks from Microsoft. You have to download it for running on your computer. Those computers which are not enabled to use bootable CD-ROM or network-based installation can utilize these setup boot disks.

The users, who are comfortable only with setup boot disks, should start changing their ways. Modern devices will not support these disks. Modern Microsoft operating systems will use CD drive or PXE boot from the available networks.

You will not be able to utilize XP Home Edition boot disks with XP Pro or other way round.  Boot disks can only be used for fresh inductions or installations, not to commence an advanced version.

Forming the Setup disks

There are six Windows XP Setup boot floppy disks available. All of them enclose the files and drivers that are requisite to access the CD-ROM drive and start the Setup procedure in the following mentioned manner:

  • In a Setup disk download, you will get hold of a single large program file. You will have to run this large file on your computer, in order to enable it to haul out other files. Once all these files are extracted, the following message will flash on your screen:

The program forms the Setup boot disks for Microsoft Windows XP. To form

these disks, you need to supply 6 empty, formatted, high-concentration disks.

  • Now you have to enter the name of the drive in which you want to place them (Usual practice is to store it in drive A). Subsequently, introduce one of these disks into drive letter. After this, the disk will develop into the Windows XP Setup Boot Disk.
  • Press any key on the computer to start the haul out and duplication of other files, by the downloaded file.
  • Maintain introduction of the blank disks as per the directives, till the time all six of them are formed.
  • In case this activity is hindered, you must run the downloaded program once more to form all six disks.
  • All the disks should be tagged properly with the similar numbers as detailed in the program
  • Now, these tagged disks will be used in the setup process.

Utilizing the Setup Disks

After formation of all the six disks, introduce the first disk in the floppy disk drive. Subsequently, restart the computer. The computer must be configured to boot from the floppy disk drive. In case of any errors, alter the computer’s BIOS settings. Once the setup procedure begins, introduce further floppy disks as per the directives. Windows XP CD-ROM is vital to conclude the setup procedure.