Your internet connection may be one of the best but some times you face a very slow connection. This slow down is happening may be due to various factors. Some times it gets so much slow and you feel like cheated with the internet connection. But you don not need to worry, you can fit it down within minutes. In this article we will describe how to quickly access your network connections in Windows 7 and Vista. Follow the instructions given below to access the network connections

Step1: Type of network connection

The speed of your network connection depends on the type of network connection you acquired. There are three most common ways which are used to connect internet from home, these are: dial-up, DSL and cable connection.  Cables and DSL are faster than dial-up connections.

If you are using a dial-up connection then try to use the fastest modem. It will send and receive information at 56 kbps and use at least 45-50 kbps. If you are using a cable connection for internet connection then try to check the condition of wires. They should be in very good condition and make sure that they are not damaged, frayed or twisted. These are the factors that slow down the connection. You can also contact your service provider if it is not working well and also try to check the line inside and outside your home.

Step2: Use the search box

In windows 7 and Vista there is one amazing feature that was not in the XP. You can directly search any program from the Start menu in this OS. You just have to click the Windows icon or you can press windows flag button on your keyboard and in the search box, just type the word connections. You just have to wait for few seconds and you will see view network connection window appear. To view all the existing connections, just click it and you will be able to view all the network adapters.

Step3: Tips to remeber

For quick access the network connections, just remember some magic words that works well with Windows 7 and Vista. For quick access just remember ncpa.cpl. .cpl file is nothing but a control panel applet in Windows. You can see this applet if you turn on the classic view and the screen is open. You can access by typing ncpa.cpl into either search box or also you can type it into run dialog box. Using this applet you can access your connection in quick time. If you are comfortable with entering control net connections you can but it has so many letters to type.

The steps given above will help you to get quick access to the internet connections in Windows 7 and Vista. You will feel a very fast and secure by using these techniques.