At times errors occur in Internet Explorer run on Windows Vista and/or Windows XP. The reasons for such occurrences can be distorted files or/and misplaced registration information. At this point of time, the only solution is either to repair or reinstall the affected software.

In this article we share with our readers the methods by which Internet Explorer can be repaired or reinstalled.

Procedure to reinstall Internet Explorer

These methods are enumerated as under:

  • Open “Tools” section by opening up the browser.
  • Now, indicate “Internet options” and select “Advanced” option in it.
  • Select”Reset Internet Explorer Settings” in the dialog box, appearing on your screen.
  • To verify, click the same “Reset” option again.

Procedure to repair Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer version 8, then it is vital for you to reinstall and repair Explorer. Repairing can be done by adding the necessary misplaced information, used for registration. For repairing Internet Explorer, following steps have to be adhered to:

  • Open “Tools” section by opening the browser
  • Select the “Internet Options” tab
  • Locate the “Advances” section
  • Press shift and click on the “Reset” option visible
  • Now, you will see Reset Internet Explorer settings, click on the “reset” option in it.

Procedure to use System File Checker

The procedure we followed up till now changes if you are using Internet Explorer 6. For the proud owners of Windows XP Service Pack 2, they do not have to take troubles of the reinstallation of IE 8.If any problems are faced they can be resolved by using System File Checker.

The method to be followed, for using System File Checker is enumerated as under:

  • Open the “Run” section in “Start” menu
  • Type “sfc/scannow”, clicking “Enter” will execute the command.
  • Now, on the screen you will see the directions to be followed. Follow them as directed.
  • Reboot your computer to finish the process.