At my workplace, if I need data from other employee’s computer I can tell that person to share it over the network. Printers or other useful devices can be connected over the network so that each computer on network can access it. It reduces hardware cost and thus increases profit of company. There are six easy steps required to follow if we want to setup a network.

Plan Network

There are two types of network, wired and wireless. In wired network each computer is connected by wires where as in wireless connectivity radio waves are used for transaction of data. Wireless networks are advantageous as they give you facility to switch between wired and wireless. It also adds to the portability and thus highly recommended. However, mobility comes at the cost of speed which is less on wireless as compared to that on wired network.

Get Required hardware and ISP

To add computer into the network what is minimum required is router and a network adapter. Router is device which is responsible for good communication between computers over the network. You have to install router and network adapter in each computer you wish to connect to the network. Now days many laptops come are equipped with Network adapter. So for such laptops no external adapter is required. If you wish to connect to internet then an ISP account is essential.

Setup a Router

If it is clearly mention on the router that it is compatible with Windows7 or it shows logo of Winodws7, you can directly connect it with the system with the help of Windows Connect Now. If you can’t fine any compatibility information go for the CD accompanied with router and follow setup procedure.

Connect to Internet

This step is completely optional but highly recommended though. You can connect router to internet by following simple instruction that are available with your ISP. To have internet connection over the network is beneficial.

To connect other devices to network

It is very easy to add device into network if it compatible with Windows7. Your device is compatible if it is mention clearly on device. If it is not, you can make use of ‘Add devices to network’ option available in Winodws7.

Create Homegroup to share data

Sharing of data between different computers is the main aim of network. To establish a Homegroup is the best way to create a home network. You can share devices like printers on this network. It must be ensured that all the computers in the network have Windows7 installed in them. You can also follow information available in Windows7 under “create a HomeGroup’. Network can be set up on computer having different version of Windows by following different procedure. To setup an office network, you must ensure that file and network sharing is turned on.