Computers have become a necessary part of our lives. It has become almost impossible to work in today’s competitive environment without the use of computers somewhere in your work. File refers to any item containing information. It may contain an image, data or music. There are huge varieties of different files. When you click a file you may encounter an image, music or any other text document. Generally, there are different images known as icons on the files which differentiate them from other class of files. Thus you can easily know which file belongs to music and which refers to images without opening that file.

Managing Files

In our everyday lives we notice that if we have huge amount of files on the desks it becomes very difficult to find a particular file. In general, it is difficult to sort the things which are in sixes and seven. Just in the same way it is very difficult to find and locate the files if they are present in the computer here and there. As we have cupboards and other containers to store the things in our homes and offices, similarly there are containers in the computers also. These electronic containers are known as folders. Folder is a container for files.

Giving Folder names accordingly

You can name each folder according to your choice. For instance you make a new folder with the name of “My Pop Music Collection” and transfer all your favorite pop music files in it. You are said to have created a folder for music files. You now know that if you want to hear a particular pop song you will go to the folder discussed above. In this way you can create folders for image files, music files and other text documents and spread sheets. You can also create a folder within a folder. If you create a folder within a folder you are said to have created a sub-folder. Sub-folders also play an important part in the organization of your files. They make approaching files very easier for you. Windows have a very good feature of libraries which make the organization of files and folders very easy.

Organizing different files

If you want to organize the text documents files then use document library. In document library you can easily arrange all your document files including spreadsheets and presentations. Pictures library helps you organize your digital pictures in the computer. Whenever you get any pictures from email, digital camera, other imaging device such as scanner then your picture gallery helps you organize and arrange the pictures in an effective and efficient way. Music library helps you arrange and organize all kinds of music files which you get them ripped from the compact disc or download them from the internet. Videos library helps you arrange and organize all the videos files and folders as you get them from your camcorders or download clips from the internet. In order to view these libraries go to start and then click the libraries that you want to open; document, pictures or music.

So all the methods and things discussed above mention how you can easily manage your data and prevent it from spreading here and there in your hard disk which makes it harder to achieve that data again.