Magic software announces the inclusion of enhanced connectors for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and HL7

The premier business integration model, on-premise application platform provider, Magic software announced recently that the latest version of its famous business integration suite, the iBOLT 3.2 will have connector for Microsoft SharePoint, a corporate portal which was released during the same time.

It doesn’t have connectors for this, whereas it comprises of various connectors that helps to create smooth process. It eliminates the requirement of tedious point-to-point complex interfacing and gives an environment where we can integrate different business processes without the need of external coding. It delivers a seamless, code-free approach, therefore these features of iBOLT, organizations’ work gets reduced to a great extent and they can grow at a good pace. Now there is even more to offer by the latest version of iBOLT 3.2. This version features connectors for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and HL7.

More and more companies and business enterprises are turning towards iBOLT for their business process model solutions. Eyal Pfeifel CTO Magic software was noted quoting that, “we are committed in providing our customers the latest and most powerful integrations to the latest available business applications, thus in this context we announce the integration of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 in iBOLT 3.2 at the launch of our latest version of iBOLT and that also on the same day of its launch.”

Now, those days are history when you had lot of time in mending and concatenating two different disconnected processes. The companies won’t have to face that now onwards with the extended integration of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 in iBOLT 3.2. Marketing your products or services would become very easy. Many decision making processes will get momentum and you would be able to generate more value of your business as it will be fully integrated. The CEO of Magic software Enterprises America, Regev Yativ cited the above words and told that all detailed look at iBOLT integration model will be presented at Magic International Users Group 2010 (MIUG) conference in Las Vegas.

Talking about iBOLT, it is a code-free business and process integration suite developed on the coding-engine of Magic software. It helps small as well as big businesses to implement their simple or even complex business processes with great ease and efficiency with respect to time, money and energy. It provides integration solutions using connectors for SAP Business One, SAP ERP,, Oracle JD Edwards, IBM System i applications and databases (AS/400), Lotus Notes applications, healthcare systems using HL7, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, and many others. iBOLT has also received several awards like “2005 Solution Partner Leadership in Innovation” award, the “2006 ISV Partner Quality Excellence Award” from SAP America and the “2008 Global Solution Partner Award” from SAP AG. So, conclusion is iBOLT 3.2 is definitely going to be an excellent enhancement for your business enterprise and getting it for your firm is a decision you will not regret.