While Microsoft has been facing an erosion of about 11-12 % of the consumer demand for their product Internet Explorer due to the competition from Mozilla, Google and others, they have strived to chalk up the demand with a plan to release I E 9 in 2010 – 11. Although the new I E version 9 is creating big waves, the browser will not support Windows XP which is an all time favorite.

In March, Microsoft announced the support of HTML 5 for I E 9. Although the launch of I E 9 took place in September 2010, the features have been recognized in 2011. Microsoft Corporation has improved their Internet Explorer, with a new perspective in privacy protection and has brought out the new version I E 9, as was announced. The new feature of privacy protection will enable users to prevent hacking from 3rd party websites and keep them off their activities, when online. This feature is integrated in the new I E 9. As a default option, the tracking protection is available in off mode only. You need to create a list of websites that you want to prevent tracking. This has been introduced in view of the US FTC who is now going on record to be voicing their demands for a protection in on – mode too.

While Internet Explorer is the most widely used browser in the US, the version9 was released in September, 2010 and pretty soon added the protection feature. Other browsers in fair competition are Google`s Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and Safari. The new version, I E 9 has an uncluttered interface, with more screen area for the website browsing of users. A new feature is that one click icons are available on it for often visited websites. There are also tear – off tabs function which is a long overdue feature. The new I E 9 does not support some key features of the HTML5 like support for playing audio and video without a plug-in and the drawing features called the canvas. However, to compensate Microsoft has promised an update every 8 weeks for I E 9 and a version of I E 9 would be developed specially for Windows XP.

The new browser of the IE9 is set to include the protection feature of tracking and monitoring which allows a master control where users can keep track of the hacking done to their activities on the web. This means that websites they visit can be defined by the user and kept off track of the third party access.

The feature will include in addition, users, private filtering of websites, so that they can select the sites required for tracking protection without disclosing any details. The I E continues to be a favorite of many and has a usage rate of 17 %.