Microsoft initiatives for security to help identify threats and vulnerabilities more quickly, demonstrates that Microsoft understands that effective security is a team effort. With the Microsoft approach, security researchers and software vendors can co-operate to develop solutions; hopefully before the vulnerability is discovered by attackers.

Microsoft security has impact in advancing customer protections. They continue to encourage the collective industry–from security researchers to vendors to customers–to recognize the responsibility they share in fortifying the broader computing ecosystem against online crime.”

To help guard against new threats Microsoft is introducing a new tool called EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit). Microsoft describes EMET. It is a free tool that brings newer security mitigations to older Microsoft platforms and applications.

With the Microsoft approach, security researchers and software vendors will cooperate to develop solutions–hopefully before the vulnerability is discovered by attackers of starts to be actively exploited.

Microsoft is promoting a policy of encouraging researchers to work with the company when vulnerabilities are being exploited in the wild before going public with the information on the weaknesses

Ethics and Cultural issues

Ethics and culture is also most important aspect in Pc world. So the Microsoft Company also gives full of attention to this aspect and defines methods to solve these issues. The dangerous virus hackers also disturb the Pc world a lot but with the help of new modern software infect antivirus software’s it is very easy to solve such kind of sensitive issues.

E-Commerce issues

As far as E commerce is concern in the Pc world this is also sensitive issues. People do E commerce with the help of fake companies and also fake products. This is also a very much sensitive issue so Microsoft team has also developed some security measures to improve such kind of crimes.

Personal Data and Privacy of People

This is another very much sensitive issue in Pc world. The privacy in email and personal websites are should be secure from the strangers and strangers trying to hack such things the Microsoft team is keen to solve such problems. With the half of different professional techniques they try to come over such kind of problems

People have their personal data on the internet and this data sometimes very much sensitive so the Microsoft teams are trying to solve such kind of issues.


MAPP has helped to reduce the vulnerability window in some cases by more than 75 percent, according to Microsoft. It made sense for us to work together with Microsoft