Infor is presently working on four widely used Windows Technologies, which are the four points of Microsoft based businesses. The Silverlight and Active Directory are Microsoft’s signature application for single sign-in and user interfaces. Web Portals employs the Sharepoint, another Microsoft Technology; the BPM (Business Process
Integration), an application used by companies to know the needs and wants of their customers; and the application integration. These four are the strong points used by Infor that would surely bring more success in their company.

User Friendly applications

As we all know, Microsoft and Windows Technologies are far more user-friendly than most of its competitors.
And Infor, as one of the leading developers of Windows based applications, would really need the technologies of the applications it is creating for. And since Widows based applications are widely used, that’s where Infor’s focus in
on right now.

Other allies

Infor also has partnerships with some giant companies. IBM has rock solid alliance with Infor. Since thousands
of Infor’s customers are using IBM’s systems and softwares, Infor don’t have any plans to severe its partnership with the IBM.

Another Infor’s partner, Progress Software, also has firm foundation and partnership with Infor. Since Infor’s
developers prefer Progress Software’s programming tools, there’s no way that Infor would give up its alliance with Progress Software.

Sure-win Gambling

Infor’s move to ally with Microsoft is a huge gamble for the company. However, this is a sure win gambling for Infor. Microsoft is a sure investment. More and more users are buying and installing Microsoft Windows technologies. Aside from the monopoly  of Microsoft based technologies, users will be able to install any application with ease. And with Infor’s ability to develop such applications and technologies, Infor’s customers are more than happy that the softwares they purchased from Infor are Windows ready and made especially for their existing system.

We all know that more and more attacks on Windows technology are being treated fairly by Microsoft. Almost
everyday, Windows users are threatened by these unwanted applications. It is just a huge play for Infor to be Microsoft’s partner. As a Windows user, I’m hoping that Infor would be able to help Microsoft combat these technological attacks on Microsoft, aside from just creating business applications.

Infor’s investment and partnership with Microsoft may just be the alliances we are all waiting for.