For all those who think information is the thing to live by, hold your breaths – The Dallas information marketplace is here to entice you. Microsoft has come up with an information market place that will make information such as health statistics and crime data publicly available. The Dallas marketplace is scheduled to go online by the fourth quarter this year. For those a little confused about the above information, know that just the way there is iTunes for those willing to buy and listen to music,Dallas will focus on information. The service will allow the users to search for, discover, purchase and manage information easily through their internet on PC or mobile phones.

Microsoft has already asked the developers to build applications related to the various databases, even as Microsoft is all set to integrate the information database with software such as SharePoint, Excel, PowerPivot, Bing Maps and Visual Studio. Most of these applications will be available to the users free of cost. Some of the private companies such as National Geographic and Associated Press have also made their data available for the developers to develop softwares based on their specific areas. Hence information such as the database on hiking trails, Wolfram Alpha search database and Lexis Nexis media database will all be made available through these applications. However, it is completely up to the information providers to decide if to charge for the information or to make the service free of cost. So far, Dallas has already seen more than 3000 developers’ accounts who seek towards developing applications focusing on running on iPad, iPhones and Silverlight on the PC or on the Web. Most of the applications available to the users will be listed in the Dallas marketplace.

According to Microsoft, Dallas will help bring disparate data together in a way that makes sense to the reader. Researchers will also find it easier to gain access to premium content and make use of it to gain insight in several consumer and business scenarios. Following the similar cue, the insights available through information on Dallas will also help consumers bring improvements and innovations in their existing businesses and business performances. Users can make use of the valuable data available online through Dallas to license it and use it to improve reports and existing applications. Then again, as Microsoft aims towards integrating the information and data provided with the likes of PowerPivot (as also mentioned above), this will allow the users to easily work with the information through Excel. For developers too, Dallas makes for an easy platform to integrate information and build applications using the REST based API (Application Programming Interface), while also building and previewing the results simultaneously through API. Another benefit to the developers is that provision for automatic C# proxy classes. This allows the users to make use of simply commands to build application instead of using the complicated and tedious XML codes. For those in charge of the content, that is content partners, Dallas makes for the perfect opportunity to take the information and valuable data across to the masses.

Hence, in the end, almost everyone associated with Dallas will gain something – let that be knowledge for you!