You have put together a great content in a Microsoft Word 2007 document but not many people seem interested….do you know why? Well the reason is a huge body of text without any visual break. However, if you add some related images to the same copy, it can increase the impact manifolds. In order to do so web is a handy and most convenient medium. It is a key source of infographics, images, clipart and other visual elements. However, at times what limits the usage of these images is their link with some other file or location on the web. In this case, what you get on inserting an image is nothing but a simple link. But you needn’t change your options as some simple steps can help you insert the desired image. Let’s learn how that is achievable;

1. Open the Word document and then open Internet Explorer.
2. On the Web page, right-click the picture you want, and then click “Copy”.
3. In the Word document, right-click where you want to insert the picture, and then click “Paste”.

Wasn’t that super cool? You can easily continue to use your preferred images without worrying about the linking hassle.