Are you a big fan to media? Do you want to enrich the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 presentation depending on the kind of the presentations you are planning to create and the audience you are aimed at? If you want to present a media-rich presentation by adding video or movie objects, animation effects or narration, you may initially find it a bit tricky. To help you create an engaging, video-rich Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 presentation, we have brought these easy-to-follow guidelines below. Just follow these steps add video and value to your Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

This simple set of DIY step-by-step instructions accompanies a video tutorial to help you even see things more clearly.

  1. Open the PowerPoint 2010 file.
  2. Display the slide that will receive the video clip in Normal view.
  3. From the menu bar, select the “Insert” tab and go to Video and then click on “Video from File”.
  4. The “Insert Video” box appears.
  5. Navigate to the folder containing the video file.
  6. Click on the video file to select it.
  7. Press “Insert” to continue.
  8. Click on the video clip area and use the resize handles to resize it, if necessary. It will play within the presentation if you click on the play button.

Do you find these steps difficult to follow? Then, call Online PC Support to get tech support on how to insert a movie or video to your Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 presentation.