Looking for the solution to make your presentation look more meaningful and interesting? Why don’t you insert a movie into your presentation to make it more useful? Well, you can easily insert visual aids into presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 on your Windows 7-based PC and change your presentation into a powerful medium of your knowledge and ideas.

A PowerPoint presentation is the most useful and creative way to present your work to other people in your office, school or college and by adding visual aids to your work, you can easily make it more interesting and appealing. Well, inserting a movie into a presentation is not at all difficult and if you are using a Windows 7-based PC, the process becomes rather quick and easy.

To insert a movie into presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, you can start following our step-by-step solution mentioned below and make your presentation the most attractive piece of work. Our quick solution steps are easy-to-follow and it can help you make your presentation both meaningful and creative.

The solution to the problem

Follow the instructions to insert a movie into presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 on Windows 7:

1. Open the PowerPoint file you will be working with.
2. Click on the individual slide on which you want your video to be embedded.
3. Click on the “Insert” tab, then click on the “Movie” button and then select “Movies from File”. Note the “Insert Movie” dialogue box that appears and then click on the video file on your computer.
4. Click “OK.”
5. Decide on when you want your video to start. Click on “When Clicked” to have the video start manually, when you click the icon on the slide.
6. Click on “Automatically” to have the video start immediately after the previous slide transitions to the slide with the embedded video file.
7. Re-size your video window to fit the slide by clicking and dragging the video box handles.
8. Click on the ”Options” tab, click “Preview” to test how your video looks and fits on the slide.
9. Set up your video to play repeatedly, click on the “Loop Until Stopped” box. This is effective if your video is too short.

Inserting a movie into presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 is easy. Simply, follow our quick and simple steps and insert some good visual aids into your presentation at the comfort of your home or office.