Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 is set with features that allow you to insert a movie into the presentation. The option isn’t very much on the surface; you will have to navigate across a few tabs to get it done. Don’t worry; we have simplified here the process for you. Keep the steps handy while you try the steps as missing out on one could also render it failure. If you are using a Windows XP PC, this is what you can do…

The easy solution to the issue is:

1. Open the Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 file.
2. Click the slide that will include the video.
3. Click “Insert” from the main toolbar.
4. From the drop-down menu, click “Movies and Sounds,” then select “Movie from File.” A new window will appear for you to locate the video on your computer.
5. Browse for the video on your computer. Click on the correct file, then click “OK.” A new dialog box will appear. Choose if you want the video to play automatically or when clicked. A small rectangle will now be present in the slide.
6. Right click the rectangle. Choose “Edit Movie Object” to access the “Movie Options” dialog box.
7. Customize how the video will play in the presentation. You can choose to loop until stopped, rewind movie when done playing, hide while not playing or zoom to full screen when played.


By adding a video to the presentation, you can enhance its visual appeal and also keep your audience engaged and thrilled. You can select from a whole host of personal and sample videos to complement your presentation. By adding your creative instincts you can surely transform a boring presentation session to an interesting and looked forward to session