The modules, also named expansions, can be added or removed individually so that only modules, required for the specific functional possibilities would be they must be established. IIS 7 includes native modules as the part of the complete installation. These modules – specific features that of the use of a server in order to process demands and to include the following: Modules HTTP – utilized to accomplish the tasks, determined for HTTP in the processing demand conduit, the type of to the information and the demands, sent in the impacts by the head of client, the return of error HTTP, and of demands. Modules of safety – utilized to accomplish the tasks, connected with the safety in the processing demand conduit, the type of the determination of identification diagrams, the fulfillment of permission URL, and the filtration of demands. Contented modules – utilized to accomplish the tasks, connected in order to satisfy in the processing demand conduit, the type of working demands about the static files, the return of the page of the nonpayment, when client does not determine resource in the demand, and the list of the content of reference book.

Shear moduli – utilized to accomplish the tasks, connected with the compression in the processing demand conduit, the type of the compression of answers, application is coding the transfer of the compression to the answers, and to the fulfillment of the static content. Lumber stocks and the modules of diagnostics – utilized to accomplish the tasks, connected with lumber stocks and diagnostics in the processing demand conduit, the type of information and processing status to HTTP.sys for the stock of lumber, current events, and tracking of demands, at present carrying out in the processes of worker.

You can use a fitter of the platform of the network Of Microsoft (PI of network) so that it is easy to establish the Internet- information services (IIS), and the statements, which broke into a run on IIS. In order to learn more about PI of network, see, they learn and are established BY PI of network. If you want to establish IIS 7.0 or IIS 7.5 (entire together known as IIS 7) by hand, you can use this article for the management.

Before you begin, ensure that you established one of the releases of prospect Windows or Windows 7, on which it’s supported BY IIS 7, before you pass. Not all special features IIS are supported on all releases of prospect Windows and Windows 7. Home basic and the releases of starter include only limited basic special features IIS. In order to see the list, which the special features are supported on the release Windows, which you use.

You will also ascertain that you have administrative user rights on the computer. On silence, you do not have administrative user rights, if you are begun work as user besides the built-in administrator, even if you were added to the local group of administrators on the computer (this – the new special feature of safety in Windows Of server[y] 2008 on the name local user administrator). Begin work either to the built-in calculation of administrator, or clearly call statements as the built-in administrator with the use of users of the tool of the line of command. It should be noted that you can govern user: administrator of cmd.exe so that each statement, which you govern from that line of command, would be raised, removing need in order to use syntax from that line of command.

If you are begun work to the calculation besides the built-in local calculation of administrator, you can see the following dialog box of the anxiety of safety.

  1. In order to open the dialog box Of features Windows, click by beginning, and then click by control panel.
  2. In the control panel, click by programs.
  3. Flick includes special features Windows or away.
  4. You can receive warning safety Windows. Flick makes it possible to continue. The dialog box Of features Windows is shown.
  5. To enlarge Internet- information services. The additional categories of special features IIS are shown. Select Internet- information services in order to select for the special feature of the nonpayment of installation.
  6. To enlarge the additional categories, shown, and to select any additional special features, which you want to establish, the type of the instruments of government of network.
  7. If you establish IIS 7 for purposes of estimation, you can want to select additional special features in order to establish. Select the boxes of check for all special features IIS, which you want to establish, and then to harvest OK in order to begin installation.
  8. The indicator of advance appears.
  9. When installation concludes, the completions of the dialog box Of features Windows, and control panel is shown.
  10. IIS 7 is now established with the configuration of nonpayment on the prospect Windows or Windows 7.
  11. Then, you can use an Internet- information manager of services in order to govern and to IIS.

If you want to use A VIPER, Microsoft ASP.NET, or PHP, to establish modules, it had to be shown hospitality these pages; this can be made during the installation IIS or after installation is complete.