Integration of Different Operating Systems on a Network

Are you aware you can integrate different Windows® operating systems on a network?

If you want to integrate two operating systems to be used on a network, then you have to take care of different things as you move ahead. Integration also depends upon the type of network you have and types of operating systems you are using.

Lets us discuss in detail about the integration of two operating systems on a network in the following points.
  • Things to be kept in mind during integration
  • Integration of virtual Windows XP with existing Windows® 7 on a network
  • Some issues during integration

Things to be kept in mind during integration

There are several things which should be kept in mind while performing integration of an operating system with an existing operating system on a network; otherwise you will face troubles during integration and after integration as well. One thing is that you have to see that whether the existing drivers are compatible with the other operating system or not. If drivers are not well-suited, then many users on a network will face problems and different accessories of system will not function properly. You also have to care about different drives during the integration of operating systems and have to select the suitable drive for this purpose.

Integration of virtual Windows® XP with existing Windows® 7 on a network

If you have installed Windows® 7 on your network, and now you want to integrate Windows® XP with it to get numerous features of both operating systems on a network, then you have to download virtual PC beta for Windows 7 and for Windows® XP as well. Then you have to install virtual Windows® XP pack on existing Windows® 7. After a successful installation, you will be able to integrate both operating systems and can use both on a network. In order to do the effective installation, you may get help from Online PC Support tech experts.

Some issues during integration

Some issues can also occur during the integration of two operating systems on a network due to which integration features may get disabled. Issues like incorrect parameters, components integration problems, integration denial, etc. can come up.

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