Time is swiftly changing and as a result there are different technologies evolving with every passing day. Take the example of Internet Explorer (IE) from Microsoft. Recently, the latest version of the browser, that is, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) was launched by Microsoft. IE9 has a unique feature which allows to pin or group all the similar website links. So you can conveniently tag websites together. As a result, there is an increase in the website traffic.

Suppose you have a group of say 25 websites of the same group, you can simply pin them using IE9. You have an option before you to click on the pinned tag or icon and all the listed websites are before you. Coming to the next step, we need to know about the system requirements. It is an only for the Windows 7 version and Windows Vista versions. The USP of this version of IE is the visibility of the icons. In the bookmark in previous versions, icons were hidden.

It has an all in one feature, which means that you can create a shortcut right on the page you are and launch it from there. You do not have to go there on the menu. Suppose you want to do research on the MSN group, you can put all the website addresses on the pinning link. The pinning menu can be attached to the Windows 7 menu directly. It is a great feature that has changed the way of browsing and surfing. You need not worry and need not remember lists of different websites.