In September this year, a Statcounter report said that the Internet Explorer dropped below 50% market share worldwide. Now Internet Explorer market share is 49.87 and Firefox is very close with 31.5%. They also reported three times growth in Google Chrome; which rose from 3.69% to 11.54% in the September. It is shocking for Internet Explorer because just two years ago it was dominating 67 % of worldwide market share.

One of the main causes of fall is the decision taken by the EU. EU told Microsoft to provide Windows users a choice in terms of web browsing. As a result of this Microsoft is shipping the computers without Internet Explorer and that is the main reason in the downfall in European share. Previously it was 46% and in September it was reported at only 40%. This a big concern to worry for Internet Explorer. But if we look at US share, then it is still impressive, Internet Explorer is still dominating the US market with 52.3 % share and Firefox comes second with 27.2 % share.

This downfall is affecting the Microsoft status in the software market and they are trying to boost the share. They are innovative people and old players in this market, so we can accept some good changes in the current browser. It is necessary for them to back in the market and boost the worldwide share. Internet Explorer is getting a very good competition from Firefox and Google Chrome; they are also looking forward to gain more users. So it is a very tough path ahead for Internet Explorer. In the case of Chrome, we saw a big rise; in recent report we found that Chrome also overtook Safari in North America. Google is not taking any risk to boost the worldwide share and they are also open source. It helps them in innovating new application and interfaces for Chrome. The main reason in Internet Explorer share drop is the rise of Google chrome. They are growing very rapidly and all are expecting Chrome would be a leader in Internet browsing.