Microsoft® Outlook® 2007 offers you the ease and comfort of managing your time and information in a better way. The goal behind organizing the information is to save a lot of users’ effort and time, thereby improving the productivity to a much greater extent.

The instant search feature which is integrated with Microsoft Outlook 2007, allows you to find any information you are looking for. The instant search enables you to narrow down your search area for the more improved and better search result. Also, it allows you to find the search information from within the e-mail attachments.

The new fluent user interface of Microsoft® Outlook® 2007 allows you to work on e-mails in a more easier way. The activities like composing and formatting e-mails have been made more simple and user-friendly.

Earlier, viewing an e-mail attachment was a very complicated task. After performing several steps you were able to get into the actual attachment. You had to first download the attachment and then only you were able to view it. But with the introduction of a new feature in Microsoft® Outlook® 2007, it became very simple to view and preview the attachment, and you can decide whether to save it on your hard disk. You can preview the attachment with an e-mail using a single click.

Microsoft® Outlook® 2007 offers a way to organize and manage your daily tasks, with the help of To-Do bar, an added feature in Microsoft® Outlook® 2007. This feature allows you to organize your daily, weekly or monthly tasks, along with a calendar, which enables you handle your upcoming tasks. You can flag your e-mails like your were able to do in its earlier versions and then decide to work on it by viewing it in the To-Do bar, according to the priorities.

Microsoft® Outlook® 2007 offers a new feature known as Microsoft® Outlook® 2007 Color Categories, which allows you to deal with the information in a more user-friendly way, so that you will be now able to categorize and personalize your information. The concept behind introduction of this category is that it provides a visual and a more simple way to distinguish among different items.