What happens when two deadly competitors meet, what happens when the clash of the titans occurs? The resultant is always a masterpiece. The same occurred when the rivals met through a combined application.

The big brothers of the game joined hands through an online application and the result brought out some of the off beaten records. The makers of the prestigious iPhone, Apple and the makers of the operating system Windows, Microsoft joined through an iPhone application. The Microsoft Mobile Group released the official Windows Live Messenger application for the iPhone platform.

The Miraculous Effect

The application was available in the majority of the Apple iTunes stores. Within five days of its release the download count crossed the one million mark. Such outstanding record had never been witnessed in the cyber history. The makers of this small application had never anticipated such a huge success and hailed that it came above the expectation of all the tech junkies. Whatever the reason might be the developers of this petty application are very enthusiastic about the next version that is about to be released very soon. Sooner or later the deadly duo combination shall bring about more surprises in the tech world.
Microsoft’s Reaction

Michael Chang, senior product manager for the Microsoft mobile communications marketing group has been very enthusiastic about the release of the product from the very first instance and was more than happy to see the outstanding results. In one of his remarks in the Windows Team Blog he said,” This early momentum is fantastic, and we really appreciate the feedback we’ve been getting from many of you.” The Microsoft mobile section is now planning to make more of such applications in plentiful number in very near future.

The Reason behind the Great Success

Apple and Microsoft have always ruled their own parts. The success of this tiny application can be owed to the huge popularity of both the counterparts. Thus the integration of this very favorite Windows application in to the iPhone shell brought wonders. The second most probable reason behind this huge success was because the application was available free of cost from the Australian iTunes Store. This application has received an overwhelming three and half star for its functionality and usability.

Minor Complications

There have been minor complications reported about this application. Some of the bugs are not so noticeable while there is a bug regarding the stability of the application if run for a longer time. Then there are compatibility issues also. Whatever it might be Chang says that the team is working for the next update that shall fix all the bugs and it is to be released very soon.

The powerful and the most loved application of Microsoft called the Windows Live Messenger released the iPhone application for the same. Though they did not expect such a huge success but the application crossed all the boundaries with nearly more than one million download in five days from the date of release. This huge success has been enthusiastically celebrated among the developers of this tiny and portable application.