Whenever we mention those two names of the leading software manufacturing companies, we only have one thing in mind: rivalry. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates battle it out once more, on which operating system is the most insecure.


It has been a recent survey that showed that for the moment, Apple has the most openings in terms of system security. Sure, Windows have been known for the holes of the operating system that they make, but right now, the spotlight is in Mac OS X. A statement was quoted that Windows only happened to be insecure because most of the attacks were made to its operating system. But now that a few attackers changed their glances to Apple, weaknesses
were found and holes needed to be patched.

As for the applications, Mozilla Firefox was said to be the most vulnerable browser out in the market. It’s quite a shock because I myself use Firefox as my browser. It was then followed by Safari, but is lees popular and compares little to Mozilla by number of users. The least vulnerable browser for the moment is Google chrome and JRE, a product of Java Sun.

Third party applications

The largest information that the survey found is that now, the hackers attack the programs which are not associated with either Apple or Windows. Because now, Windows are updated almost every day and Mac OS X is still tight, the openings are found on the third party programs that run on the said operating systems.

The threats involve iTunes, Quick Time, and Safari, which makes Apple having the largest number of holes in the system. Adding to the Windows’ line of holes is Adobe, which is now a crucial target for the hack attacks. Windows’ default browser, Internet Explorer, and the work sheet processing program Excel, are Windows’ most vulnerable programs to date.

The answer to the holes

When the hacking attacks were out for the trend, both software developers found a way to minimize the damage. This is through their automatic updates. Updates were then released daily, or whenever the updates are available, and then were downloaded by the system and were installed. This kept the integrity of the operating systems at stake. These updates patched the holes of the system.

This is the same for the third party software and application developers. Say Adobe for example. They release updates every once in a while to serve as protection for their program, patching the hole that occurred on their side, making the system as solid as it can get.

Today is the era when thieves are all over the place. They may come in many different shapes and sizes. Even the internet has its share of the said thieves known as the hackers. They know how to get advantage of any weakness that your system has.

Now is not the time to select an operating system or the better anti-virus. Protect your system by downloading wisely and using the internet more responsibly. Microsoft and Apple are not the sole people to blame. We have to take responsibility for our own systems.