The two search engines will soon provide an update to the marketers and advertisers on their search alliance in the works that they had done last year. The goal is of completing the transition before the holidays end. It is on track and is complete with a few positive changes in store.

Building a relationship with your customers is easy and you must to keep it for life. It should be easy doing business for them with you. You inform them of changes allowing them to make suggestions that you would consider implementing. Microsoft and Yahoo execs have realized that increased communication and customer service can have lasting and far reaching effects for both search engines. As said by Marketers and advertisers, Google makes it easier in doing business with them. Microsoft and Yahoo could not, but both have now made it a priority through providing continuous updates. They ask SEM agencies for advices on Yahoo’s ad platform Panama’s features.

Within 2 weeks, the next wave of communication will come and explain the algorithm transition and also the effects on the consumer experience. The idea is to streamline the way we service advertisers. It will give an opportunity to reevaluate the way we service advertisers. Yet very little has changed apart from the level of frequency and detail of updates.

Microsoft and Yahoo announced a 10-year license search for advertising partnership in case you have been under pressure. Through Microsoft’s ad platform, Bing will be able to serve up ads on the Yahoo network regarding properties. Microsoft will manage all the search that had backend and pay Yahoo’s search ad functions.

After the multimillion deal of MicroHoo, regulatory approval was received and both search engines stepped up with communications with paid search advertisers for the transition. Earlier, marketers were skeptical and others accepted the change. Then the things changed when the both started answering the tough question. Although Google continues to dominate search yet, Microsoft and Yahoo will now take the steady trek. Search market now shares rollercoaster ride with Bing while also losing ground and then gaining 7% in June. This uptick has given the combined Bing and Yahoo Search alliance a total share of 24.22% in the market in June, which came up from 23.94% in January. The search market share of Google in June declined slightly up to 71.65% in June and from 71.49% in January as the data firm says and results show.

The Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo who is Carol Bartz stepped in to take the helm in January renewed focus of the company on the search experience of consumer across its network of sties. Apart from stepping up services for all the consumers, Microsoft and Yahoo have also begun to sort other business processes. Both the companies have realized that input from SEM agencies will foster ownership and pride in their products.

Finally, Microsoft and Yahoo are listening. If both the companies can increase search traffic and help in making it easier for advertisers to place ads then Google will be having tough competitors.