At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show there were a record-breaking 30,000 overseas visitors this time. CES 2011 was one of the most indispensable in several years, as there was a big breakthrough in the products by several tech companies. But, the giants in the field like Microsoft lost their balance this time. The amount of effect they had in technical field did not rise to the occasion this time. Even Intel, who was long time partners of Microsoft, criticized them for their missing tablet strategy.

The major bug as far as Microsoft had in CES 2011 was that they could not rise up to the level in which they should have been. It can be seen from their presentation itself that, Microsoft were trying to focus more on their products that were launched in 2010. To make things even worse, they did not even updated those demos. In short Microsoft totally failed to make an impact with the overview of things that are making rapid changes in technology. The effect of Android totally affected Microsoft’s Mobile OS section. Microsoft released Windows Phone 7 devices lately in 2010, so Android took the show on Mobile OS section.

Tablet PC sections were a complete flop for Microsoft. As Microsoft release for tablet OS is still on due. Even though Windows 7 OS has been used on a number of tablets, the superiority of this OS in PC world has made it less effective in the world of tablets. Even though we can say a lot of other giants in the industry lost their feet like Sony and Intel, the thing that made Microsoft less effective is sad. Most of the partners including HTC Samsung and LG promoted their new brands in Android, which completely made Windows Phone 7 look like a total disaster. If Windows Phone 7 was made which could match iPhone or Android, then the level of appreciation that they could have got would have been unimaginable. The influence that Mobile Technology had in this field makes it all clear. Technology lovers are switching to mobile technology so rapidly that every tech company is trying to cope with this situation. If this change in taste can affect a big industry like Microsoft this badly, then it can be said with at most sure that the future belongs to Mobile Technology.

The term Microsoft-everywhere may have to be reconsidered, if this is the future of Microsoft. But, we still can’t write off such a big industry that had such a big influence on technology arena. We can’t predict a sad demise of Microsoft. So as a Microsoft lover you can help yourself saying, Microsoft may learn from their failure. For a person against Microsoft, you can consider this is just the beginning of the end.