Microsoft seems to be delaying the launch of its Windows 7 phone till next month. After months of repeated rumors of the phone’s release, media reports suggest that Microsoft maybe preparing for the final event by making some changes to the much hyped Windows 7 phone. After the Windows 7 Operating System has been a phenomenal result in terms of customer reception. Outliving it previous rival, Vista, it seems credible enough for Microsoft to be launching a phone on the Windows 7 platform. According to a media source the phone is set to arrive in UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy on October 21st.  It will not arrive in the US market until the end of the year.

The increasing speculation of the Windows 7 Phone comes amidst reports of Microsoft tweaking the phone at the last minute to incorporate other important features. However there has been great competition for leading smartphone giants after the release of Apple iPhone 4. Its seem so far Samsung has been able to tackle the full front of Apple’s products including the iPhone by releasing is Galaxy Wave and S Wave phones. Apart from that Samsung’s release of the Galaxy tab, it seems Samsung is doing much better in terms of market share for smart devices.