Telling if the new windows 7 is the correct operating system for your PC or even if it meets your needs, tastes and preferences should be a simple thing to do. There are certain things that an operating system must meet to attain a certain level of user preference and trust. What I am about to share with you is a simple way of being the judge on whether you feel windows 7 is suitable for your PC or even you as the user. I have used windows 7 for quite some time now ever since it was launched and even though I want to believe it is by far the best, it might not be for you. However, one thing is for sure, if you want to use windows 7 for your PC, it is absolutely vital that you are aware on whether your PC can run it or not.

Analyze Your Machine

The first thing you need to do when pondering windows 7 suitability for you is analyze your machine. By this I mean factors such as when your PC manufactured? If it was manufactured in the 80s and still runs the old windows operating systems such windows 98 or 2000 or XP, you might have a problem using windows 7. XP might sound latest but some machines with it cannot run windows 7, believe it or not. Thus your computer must be moderately recent to support windows 7.

Check Out its Properties

From here, simply right click on my computer and access the properties tab, open it to establish your computer’s specs. The aim here is to let you know how things such as your computer’s processor speed, RAM and even available space in your hard disk. These specifications go a long way in determining if you can run windows 7 or not. For starters, the RAM for windows is recommended at about 2GB or more and the processor has to be something of the dual core kinds or even better for windows 7 to perform at its optimum. However if you are going to use a low processor speed, it has to be 2GHz single core processor, not any less. Remember a window 7 has so many features that need utmost processor speed to avoid slowness.

Is the Space You have enough?

Once you have established the RAM and processor speed, it is time to know how much space your computer has. This you can easily do by accessing the My Computer tab, opening it and then right clicking on the C Drive and choosing the Properties option. You should be able to see how much space you have left. On the average though, about 40 to 80 GB of hard drive is needed to run windows 7

Once you have all the required information detailing the specifications I have outlined above, check out to see if your computer is capable of meeting the requirements for running windows 7 operating system. If it can’t, there is your answer!