Windows7 now is the most popular and successful operating system. After the failure of Vista, Microsoft was quiet worried about their new version of Windows but now it has become the most used OS so far. As a part of revolution, Microsoft decided to bring Windows7 embedded for tablets. Tablet PC is a laptop with touchscreen features. It is provided with touchscreen and a stylus to operate which  add more to the portability of notebook. There are many new inventions in Tablet PC field which has made them more users friendly and thus more popular than traditional laptops.

To catch this market of Tablet, which was concept brought into focus by Microsoft itself, with the help of Windows7; Microsoft officials declared evolution Winodws7 embedded. JooJoo is one of the companies that are active in the Tablet PC market. They designed a Tablet which has 12.1 inch screen supporting 1366 x 768 resolution. The JooJoo tablet was launched as an motivated project to provide an interface for web browsing while relaxing on your couch and surf the internet. The tablet is designed beautifully but the software installed on it doesn’t support third party applications.

However, JooJoo experts successfully installed Windows7 onto it and turned it more attractive. It must be noted that the version installed on tablet is not Windows7 embedded but its normal Windows available currently in market. Thus it is said that JooJoo hacked Windows7 ethically to run on their device. Installations of Windows7 on tablet with 1GB RAM and 4GB storage capacity haven’t ruined its performance at all. The tablet shows all the features provided by Winodws7. It also includes a virtual keyboard that makes the work easier.

Many members of the corporation have tried it on their system and it works smoothly without any errors. It also played 720p video without causing any pause in the system. Touchscreen interface of the device is no difficulty with this newly installed operating system. After booting Windows7, you will find the virtual keyboard shortcut located on left of taskbar. It provides better way to type text or access various folders. You can even use keyboard shortcuts to access the icons pinned to taskbar or to start search or anything. You can use Opera mini browser to access the internet or download contents. The operating system, Windows7, will even show you wei rating in control panel. It shows the rating of the various criteria and thus measuring the quality of the hardware in the system.

If you do not use hibernation then the 1GB place will be left vacant preventing from reducing performance of the machine. JooJoo is looking more determined now to compete with Apple iTablet by hacking Windows7 for their device. If you wish that your tablet PC must be equipped with this new version of Windows and are not ready to wait until Embedded version hits the market then to buy JooJoo tablet can be an alternative for you. Though it will make your system easier to operate, you can hold little patience to take a taste of Embedded version.