A leaked internal email from Verizon May 2nd has revealed what many Microsoft phone fans have been waiting for: the company will have its newest Kin phones available for pre-order via Verizon as early as May 6, and will ship out to the market on May 13.

Microsoft had earlier unveiled the Kin phones, dubbed Kin One and Kin Two, in April 12 of this year. In its soft launch, the company promised that the phone will be available in the U.S. exclusively via the Verizon network in May, and on Europe’s Vodafone network in fall 2010. The Kin phones have been dubbed Microsoft’s “social phones” for the “upload generation”, integrating features that are specially geared for the Facebook-and-Twitter-connected tweens, teens, and in-betweens..

The phone has generated some excited buzz, not so much with its social-networking features, but with a slightly racy advertisement released in mid-April that showed a young man putting the Kin phone under his shirt, taking a picture of a bare nipple, and sending a female [presumably] friend a photo of said nipple. Various consumer groups, organizations and parents’ groups have cried foul over the video which allegedly encourages sexting, which is an SMS text version of phone sex. Teenaged fans high on Red Bull and status updates could only snicker. There are no reports yet however, of the Kin phones being packaged with a label overtly warning, “not for use in sexting.”

To date, the Kin phones will only be available in the US and Europe this year. Microsoft, however, has said that it has plans to release the phones in other countries, although currently they are focusing on the said markets.