Microsoft Jordon held the largest technical event of the year on Wednesday. Over 1000 local IT professionals and experts participated in Microsoft open Door 2010.

Michel Diab, Business, Marketing & Operations Director for Microsoft North Africa, Eastern Mediterranean and Pakistan (NEPA), said to reporters that “This event is an opportunity for us to further strengthen our relations with the local ICT community, and we are very pleased with the exceptional turnout of people from all levels of involvement in the IT industry, which is in no small part due to the rich and comprehensive range of topics that the Open Door is presenting.” He also mentioned that “In addition to providing us with an opportunity to showcase the very latest Microsoft technologies, from SharePoint 2010 and Windows 7 to the recently launched Kinect for Xbox and Windows Phone 7, the primary focus of this year’s Microsoft Open Door is Cloud Computing, with a significant number of sessions dedicated to demonstrating the potential and opportunities available for IT professionals and developers to help transform the way businesses and individuals use technology and solve actual business tasks.”

The event started with interactive and technology-rich events, it was presentations from top technology experts from Microsoft Corp. and also by the recognized local industry experts who delivered wide range of topics. The whole session was divided into three tracks for IT professionals, developers and Technical managers. These topics covered some of the hot topics like cloud computing, Virtualization, Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9, Exchange 2010, Microsoft Lync 2010, Microsoft Office 2010 for IT Professionals, SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP, as well as Microsoft Dynamics AX.

In this event, all the participants discussed latest trends and technologies. Microsoft also highlighted the opportunities available on the Microsoft platform for developers, IT professional, Start up businesses, students and partners. There were some of the best experts from IT sector available and they gave their insights on various topics like .NET Application Development, Security, cloud architecture and application integration. They also discussed the future vision for software development in the cloud through hosters, web startups and design agencies.

The Microsoft Open Door 2010 also provided its participants some fun technologies with Xbox 360 and the latest Kinect, Windows 7 phone, which are gaining positive response from customers throughout the world and also it was recognized as the next generation of Windows mobiles. Microsoft Jordon also mentioned the latest communications such as MS Lync, this application will allow organizations to experience how they can reduce costs while enhancing communication, increasing efficiency and improving business results.

Over all Microsoft Jordon Open door Event was an opportunity to showcase their most innovative applications and business solutions to the world. They have also some big partners like Nokia, HCL and MentalTech.