Microsoft has released a patch for the Windows Mobile during the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) which includes some new features compared to the older version. The patch can be installed on all windows mobiles by February 2011. This update has features which were done by Apple Inc. about three years ago and which were done by Android one year ago.

One of the special features included in this update is the copy paste function. By using this feature, you can copy data from your email, text messages, and office documents and paste it wherever you can type. You just need to tap the starting of the word and drag over to select it and select the copy function and tap on an area where you need to paste it and select the paste function.

This feature is very handy when you need to send over your updated facebook links, or any route links related to a map or a link in the internet explorer which you feel needs some special attention. You can select the copy function and you will be able to paste the data again and again. The copy paste function was not available in the windows mobile and is a newly introduced one.

The update also includes faster apps and games. The time that is taken for loading and resuming the apps and games will be much reduced. Microsoft has focused on the fact that people were used to wait for a long time for the games and apps and has speeded up this section.

In  Marketplace, you will be able to search for all music, games and apps. But the search results are common to the games, apps, and music and you would receive all the results as one. But the latest update has made this search easier by putting a marketplace in each section namely games, apps and music. By this feature you will be able to search music, games and apps separately so that when you search for music you will get results related only to music and so on.

There is also a support for the CDMA location stack called the Qualcomm 7×30 chipset. The copy paste function and the Qualcomm support was together called “NoDo” which stands for No Donuts and the name may appear so because one of the updates by Android was named “Donut”.

There is also an update named “Mango” which will include Internet Explorer 9 with a new type of rendering engine named Trident 5. It also includes HTML version number 5 along with Silverlight and gesture support. The “Mango” update will also include new enhancements related to the field of entertainment.

Microsoft had earlier given a confirmation that they will introduce “Multitasking” in 2011 but it seems that it will be included in the Windows Phone 7.5 update which will be released in Quarter 4. However there will be small types of updates before the release of update 7.5.