LG expressed its disappointment with Microsoft’s Bungle of a launch of Windows Phone 7, the new Smartphone OS the Software giant has pitched against Apple iOS Google Android and RIMs Blackberry. James Choi, LG marketing strategy and planning team director said that from an industry perspective they had a high expectation, but from a consumer point of view the visibility is less than they expected.

Currently Android is ruling the roost and has been a major factor behind Windows Phone 7’s poor performance. Microsoft along with its carrier partners AT&T and T-Mobile have had a poor performance in the US with Windows Phone 7’s launch. LG feels that though the smartphone OS is absolutely perfect for some users however Microsoft’s first push wasn’t what the market was looking forward to.

According to LG the only factor limiting the sales of Windows 7 Phone enabled Smartphones is it current high cost due to high hardware requirements. LG believes once Windows Phone 7 comes down to mid tier range of cell phones Microsoft will see a jump in sales. However windows phone 7 coming to mid tier phones might mean a reduction in its features which might not go to well with the consumers. However it might be too soon for us to start judging because Windows Phone 7 is just a new comer while it took Android over a year to actually get a hold in the market. Windows Phone 7 still has time to showcase its true strength and to prove how big a power house it is.

LG is not planning to leave its long standing partner out to dry but says Windows Phone 7 is a crucial part of its handset lineup and also LG does not want to concentrate solely on Android and become known as a one OS device. LG’s spokesperson said there is a requirement from the operators saying there are high numbers of Android in the portfolio and that is why LG always eager to make a perfect balance in its portfolio.

Microsoft claims that at the CES 2011 nearly 1.5million Windows Phone 7 handsets have been sold by the manufacturers to the retailers with the release of the smartphone OS. However this does nothing to dispel the dissatisfaction LG feels with Windows Phone 7, something which only a rework on the package to attract a bigger target market could do. Microsoft had already revamped its previous Windows Mobile package to offer Windows Phone 7 a simpler and more robust and versatile package. However its high price and competition against Apples iOS and Google’s Android is seeming to be a problem which must be tackled by active marketing aimed at the youth and other interested population also a rebranding of the product as Microsoft is labeled as ‘not for the youth’.