The concept of the library in Windows 7 is to manage documents, music, files, pictures etc. scattered in different folders. Libraries in Windows 7 help work, organize and find your documents, stored in various places of the computer or the network, in a much easier way. Introducing libraries helps you to search your files at one place.

The following content encompasses comprehensive information about Libraries in Windows 7:

  • What are Libraries in Windows 7?
  • How to add a folder to a library in Windows 7?
  • Disabling Windows 7 Libraries

What are Libraries in Windows 7?

With the ‘Library’ feature, Windows 7 addresses the problem of storing documents and files all over the PC. This is done by allowing full control over your Documents Library folder structure. You can easily find  stored files and manage them as they were in one location, even if they are in different location or folders or on several PCs. Windows 7 Library gives you liberty to create a specific library that you can name it according to your convenience and then specify Windows, which folders should be included in your new library. By doing this you assemble all your folders in a single window. Windows 7 comes up with pre-build libraries for documents, music, pictures and videos. You can either personalize these or create your own.

How to create a new library in Windows 7

Windows 7 comes with already introduced Libraries. These libraries are created to sort your documents, music, pictures and videos. However, you can personalize these Libraries in accordance with your needs. You can also create new libraries in Windows 7. To create new library click ‘Windows Orb’ on the taskbar> Click All program >click ‘Accessories’> select ‘Windows Explorer> right click on empty space to open the shortcut menu>click ‘New’> select ‘Library’> write a name to the Library. A new Library would be created.

How to add folders to a Library in Windows 7

To add folders to the Library, right-click on the Library and select ‘Properties’> click ‘Add button> browse to the directory from where you want to add the folder> select the folder> select ‘Include folder’. The folder would be added to the Library. You can add several folders by repeating the process.