Are you using a Windows Vista-based PC? Here is how you can customize it to send you a notification, each time you accidentally pressed the Caps lock. The steps are simple to comprehend and apply and can spare you the hassles of having to re-type the words or set the text, the normal way, once you have unintentionally typed all of it in the capital case. Keep the steps handy to refer to them later, when you may feel a need to disable this option and remove the caps lock key from alerting you about the accidental hit.

The easy step solution to the above issue is as:

1. Click on the ‘Start’ button and then click on ‘Control Panel’.
2. In the ‘Classic View’, double-click on ‘Ease of Access Center’.
3. Scroll down under ‘Explore All Settings’, and click on the ‘Make the Keyboard Easier to Use’ option.
4. Under ‘Make it Easier to Type’, select the check box next to ‘Turn on Toggle Keys’.
5. Click on ‘Save’ and close the Control Panel window.
6. That’s it, now when you hit the Caps Lock key by accident or not, it will beep to alert you it’s been pressed.


Much in the same way, you can also customize your Windows Vista PC to alert you every time you unintentionally pressed the Num key or the Scroll key while typing in important text or numbers.