Do you have more than one printer connected with your Windows XP-based PC? Want to choose and make one printer to use by default? It is a feasible idea to choose the printer that you will use the most. Now only this, but when you will print, you will not have to select a printer every time. And according to your usage and preferences, you can anytime change the default printer and select other connected to do infrequent print jobs. Doing this, will help you become more efficient and productive as you will not have to select a printer each time before printing.

So, here’s how you can make a printer as the default printer on your Windows XP-based computer system:

1. Click on ‘Start’.
2. Select ‘Printers and Faxes’.
3. Right-click on the printer, which you want to make the default printer.
4. Click on ‘Set as default printer’.

It is necessary to follow and perform each of the mentioned steps carefully, as a single mistake can disable your computer from taking a print command from a desired printer.