Does your system bother you with its low speed? Are you looking for the solution to improve the speed of your PC? Well, there are numerous reasons that can affect the speed of your PC. One of the most common reasons is the increase in number of files and folder on the hard-drive. It is important to remove all the unwanted data from the computer time to time as the increase in number of data may slow down the performance of your computer.

So, if you are using Windows XP-based PC and looking for the solution to make your computer run faster, then our solution steps can help you increase the speed of your PC right way. Well, there are several ways to make your PC work efficiently and speedily, here we have some quick and easy steps to make a Windows XP-based PC run faster. Simply, follow our step-by-step solution mentioned below.

The solution to the problem

Follow the instructions to make a Windows XP-based PC run faster:

1. The first thing to do to make Windows® XP faster is to make sure you have all the Windows updates installed.
2. Open “Internet Explorer”.
3. Click “Tools” on the menu bar, then click “Windows Update”.
4. Click “Install Now” to download and install the update software and then click “Express” to get high priority updates.
5. It will check the latest updates for your computer and then click “Download and Install Now” button
6. Wait for the completion of the installation process and then click “Close”
7. Get rid of the visual effect to make Windows XP faster. Right click on the desktop, and select the “Properties” menu item
8. Select the “Appearance” tab. In the dropdown box under “Windows and buttons”, choose “Windows Classic style” and then click “OK”.

See, how easily you can improve the speed of your computer, all you need to do is follow our solution steps; make the necessary changes and improve the speed of your computer at the comfort of your home or office.