There has been quite some time that we have been hearing about the Windows Phone 7. Microsoft has been coming up with a number of news about the phone but there seemed to be an ongoing battle on the topic of the finalization of all similar details about the project. The company has finally made a statement about the hardware partners for their upcoming Windows Phone 7 that is due at some part of late the same year.

Official Verdict:

The company officials have made their statement declaring that the consumers can most definitely expect the Windows Phone 7 to be striking the stores from the end of this year from Dell, Asus, LG, HTC and Samsung even later on this year. Microsoft did talk about the preview sets and further stated that the preview sets are not final and you can certainly expect to get better results compared to the previews. Samsung will certainly not be launching the preview set and will come up with a new design pretty soon.

Best part of the statement:

One thing that has been excellent from the company is the clear announcement that they are not going to come up with any contract with any cellular companies in UK or US just to make sure that they don’t get the exclusive rights. The Windows Phone 7 is for everyone so everyone has the right to carry the phone and not a specific user using a said carrier. This is a smart move though that will make sure that there are a number of people who can get benefits out of the phone. You need not to buy a carrier in order to have the Windows Phone 7.

Key Specifications:

Microsoft is going to have an excellent range of 5 phones at the very launch that will give them a QWERTY keypad all completely touch screen. Microsoft also believes and analysts think that it is justified thinking that they can easily get to the top of the Smartphone market with the launch amongst the top notch Smartphone companies around the market. These companies include the Google (Android), RIM (Blackberry) and Apple (iPhone).

Microsoft has come up with these views on the annual Microsoft Partner’s Conference this year that they are going to dominate the market in at least two fronts that include cloud computing and mobile computing. Microsoft is already doing quite a lot to make the cloud a dominating ground for its products and is authoring products and services that are certainly quite helpful in getting the best out of the new venture. The company is also going very well with other products such as Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010 and Visual Studios 2010 this year. Windows Phone 7 is expecting the same feedback from the consumers in the market. They expect the phone to be as exciting as any other product that Microsoft has launched this year. It seems as if Microsoft is striving to retain its position around the world.