It is created for web developers who mare mainly linked to PHP, joomla, wordpress etc. It is a step that has eased the development platform for the web developers. It is a new field of advancement for web development agencies.

But it has many faults .It can also be used for creating different types of desktop applications. But it is lacking in many fields in the development area. If any user or organization wants to use it, they can easily access it from the web . There are two ways by which it can be done:

Step1. The user or firm has to create a newly and branded web based Visual studio compatible application. After this the server would be doing its work on .net for all the purpose which includes reading, writing and accessing of the database. But note down that the software that is used for doing this is not used and is not even present anywhere in the scenario. In other words the scenario that is being used is bit tough and requires well-trained and skilled developers who should have good knowledge of Ajax.

Step2. This step involves the installation level by the user, firm or organization. The user has to install the software on the share point server and then use all the other required web development and access related tools and software that exist in access.

For developers who have to access, the 2nd step is a much simpler and natural approach. With the help of these kinds of users organization can continue developing inside the Access.

As share point server is a new entry in the market and growing fast. It is one of the most on demand application in the current IT market and thus its usable cost is more and is increasing day by day. So its use while implementing the above application increases the implementation cost. Moreover users are not much friendly with share point server so it creates more complex for the users. Thus use of share point server is currently one of the drawbacks for easy implementation of above application.

Thus while implementing and analyzing users take into concern both cost as well as the complexity factor created by the guest software. So after the complete analysis alternatives are also analyzed for problems if required.

The Microsoft Access 2010 cost benefit analysis has its own pros and cons but almost all the firms using and implementing it are finding it profitable for one or the other reason. For the complexity is concerned it is just for few days till the users don’t get friendly with the newly developed applications in the IT market. With the time users will advance and these type of applications will be profitable in each and every respect. Many well known it firms are already considering it a boon for the It industry management.