Microsoft® accounting, until now, is one of the finest tools made by Microsoft®. Mainly, this one of its kind tool proves to be supremely beneficial when it comes to managing the business finances. No matter, whether you owns a big, small or home based business, you can exercise Microsoft® accounting for making paper, pen based activities, a past. Having alike feel and look of Microsoft office, the accounting application assists in saving time, getting organized and sell on Internet.

Valuable aspects

Assembling numerous office tasks perfectly and proficiently is a matter of grave concern for majority of the business owners, thus they make use of Microsoft® accounting application. To use this application, all you require doing is entering the data once, with the intention of saving time, effort required for managing everyday financial activities. All pecuniary and client information is accumulated at one single place, from where you can have a glance on your entire business. As well, with this application come different tools that are required for reaching the potential clients through introducing your business on Internet.

There is no doubt in the fact that Microsoft® accounting is a simple to exercise package, which works along numerous other applications that you are acquainted with.

General features

While discussing about this application by Microsoft®, giving a look at various affixed features will be handy.

  • Bank time on office errands
  • Make invoices as well as track expenses and time
  • Insert the data only once; share it with various other office programs of Microsoft®, seamlessly
  • Handle office accounting’s payroll
Exclusive features
  • See supplier, customer, and employee along with pecuniary data at a single place
  • Know in detail about the business with reports that can be customized
  • Share books in an easy manner with the accountant of your business via office live
  • Expand your business worldwide through web
  • Flawless communication with your customers

Several supplementary features of the application include inventory, multi currency support, accountant navigator, payroll center and online sharing on Internet.


Microsoft® accounting is a fully featured, pioneering application that eliminates the necessity of using paper, pen, spreadsheets, or other sort of accounting software for managing business and accounts. All of the embedded features are impressive enough that makes it almost a compulsion to use this application, further making the course of managing the accounts of the clients quicker, simpler and more precise than ever.