Who have actually thought that console Xbox 360 would become more than just a gaming unit? Yes, Microsoft has done it once again by spearheading a social revolution through the use of gaming devices. More than just a console to play games, the Xbox 360 has now become a melting pot for social networking addicts and game enthusiasts alike.

Starting fall last year, users of the console can now log into Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm, and the high definition media coming from Zune. All of these online social media services will be available to those who both own the Xbox unit and hold Live memberships concurrently.

Undoubtedly, more attention was given into the addition of Facebook. Today, if ever you want to update your status in this leading social networking website, you can now do so through the Xbox 360. At the same time, you can plug the games or movies you’re watching using the unit. You can also do some of the more basic social networking features of browsing photo albums online and even watching Facebook streams. Moreover, you can now match and merge your two friends’ list from Xbox Live and Facebook. All of these could be done without you switching on your personal computers.

This innovation was declared public in mid 2009 by Microsoft’s videogame business and development head strategist Shane Kim. He claimed that the addition of Facebook in Xbox Live expands the scope of what the origianl membership has to offer rather than offering pure video gaming alone. And since the last quarter of 2009, Microsoft has already been very busy rolling out their new service.

A report claimed that one tenth of Xbox Live’s estimated 20 million members has already logged into Facebook during the service first week of operation. This was already considered to be a very big step in ‘socializing’ Xbox.

To enjoy this surplus of services, Microsoft has specified that only Xbox Live users with gold memberships can utilize the social-media changes in Xbox. However, it can also be noted that even the silver members were given the chance to take a glimpse of the new service with free passes from November 20 to 23 last year. To those who don’t want to miss this online frenzy, you can upgrade your membership to gold with an annual fee of only $50. There are also other payment options such as $7.99 for a single month and $19.99 for three consecutive months.

Overall, this innovation has become a boon to the already-growing Xbox Live membership pool; much more if other online apps and other interactive social features will be added next. Narrowing the gap from its toughest competitor (Wii) is no longer a distant goal to reach.