Application – Notepad from the Office suite is available on the American App Store and free for a limited time. It’s a small step but an important step for Microsoft and its Office division,   the company has just announced the arrival of OneNote for iPhone. Microsoft had until now preferred the sale of mobile platforms to handset manufacturers (with Windows Mobile and more recently with Windows Phone 7), but now wants to save space and penetrate the market of smartphones and applications . That’s why Microsoft Adds iPhone Version of OneNote .

OneNote is an application that is present in all editions of Office 2010, Microsoft wanted to make a “standard” note taking from the beginning. Yet it is this application that you find from yesterday on the App Store that runs on all iDevices, even if made for the iPhone first.

This notebook lets you create notes and make lists by inserting various sources (text, images, videos, sounds). The application automatically syncs online content on Microsoft SkyDrive Storage service, which means that the user can access his/her memos from another mobile device or computer.

OneNote will therefore enable the creation and consultation of notes. We find classical features like Create notes with text, images, bullets and checkboxes, Verification of items remaining to be done, Access to recent entries, Organize notes into sections, Sync notes from OneNote 2010 or OneNote for Web Access, Synchronization to and from Windows Live. This last feature is certainly one of the most useful. It is quite possible to synchronize all these notes with the Windows Live service (SkyDrive online storage) to find them on the iPhone when it is needed.

Those familiar with OneNote, in its Office and / or Windows 7 Phone should not expect to find the same interface. Microsoft has clearly followed the mantra ” in Rome, do as the Romans do ” , and the application for iOS actually looks like an application iOS. Moreover, when handling versions and Windows Mobile Phone iOS 7, we quickly noticed big differences in the presentation.

The application is currently free on any Apple device with the 4.2 version of iOS at least, that the most recent. The application is free as the Web Access, you can have a synchronized solution for taking notes entirely free, the Office version is not required.  Will Microsoft also offer the Word and Excel? For now, OneNote for iPhone is available only to the United States , according to a report from, this utility has 80 million users of the PC version. The application is free for a limited time and till what date that Microsoft has not specified. The company confirmed its intention to publish OneNote for the iPhone in other countries also, but again not much detail is given. The success of this application may depend on the decision to adapt the heavyweights of the Office suite as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.